Here are a few tidbits I thought that you (i.e., close friend or random person who stumbled on this site) might find interesting!

Ratings Primer

The main focus of this website, as currently constructed, is to publish relative ratings for all 351 college basketball teams in NCAA D-1.
The ratings are determined via an algorithm that I conceptualized and implemented. In addition to accounting for standard metrics (margin of victory, the opponent, and the location of the game), this algorithm also attempts to account for pace of play and team-specific location advantages. I describe it as an EM algorithm that iteratively updates until it reaches a point of stasis.

In the rating table, I report five values (and five corresponding ranks). The values reported do have interpretations, I promise!

About Me

An avid college basketball fan with a statistical background, I started this project in November 2016 as an homage to the childhood version of myself. That kid always dreamed of coming up with college basketball rankings and I am happy to (finally) oblige. After a few months of tweaking…I am pleased with the intuitiveness behind the metrics included, the reasonableness of the rankings, and its predictive performance and am now ready to share with others!

Technical Details

The entire project - data manipulation, data analysis, and website development - is being run using R (statistical software).